What can you expect from your REALTOR

Sometimes the tricks we have can’t fix everything. A recent homeowner interaction prompted this story. I’ll begin with the story and end with what tricks should be expected from any Realtor that you hire knowing that this is what you should expect once your Realtor’s family has been all tucked into bed, so to speak. I love Real Estate, but know that my family will always come first.

I love Real Estate

A homeowner had contacted me from one of my direct mail mailings that I had sent out. It showed the cuteness of a sleeping baby relaxing on the front of my card. The homeowner had been drawn to the image of the baby and picked up the phone to call me. He said he loved the baby on the front of my post card and wanted to meet with me to discuss me selling his home. Great, I said! I’d be happy to help you get your home sold, as that is what I do, sell homes. An appointment was set to meet at his home.

In the meantime, a family emergency struck at my home, the night before my listing appointment. Now, I wasn’t going to be able to make the listing appointment. I phoned the homeowner the following morning as my family emergency struck the night before. I explained to the homeowner that I was really sorry, but I needed to reschedule our meeting from that day as I had a family emergency. He replied, why didn’t you call me yesterday and he also said, oh well, it would be my loss. Yes, you heard me, he said it was going to be my loss that I didn’t get to meet with him. No, he didn’t say that he was sorry to hear about my family emergency, nor did he ask me how my family was doing.

Perhaps this amounted to me escaping the wrath of a most difficult customer, I imagine.

Know that my family will always come first with me, however, when all is well and my family are well cared for, homeowners will know that I will work my tail off in making sure that I’m fighting in their corner to get their home sold. They will never have to wonder on whether or not I’m in their corner; they’ll know, I am. This should hold true for all Realtors, but unfortunately, it does not.

What does it mean to say, that I’ll be in your corner or that any Realtor should be in your corner? Tucked away in our arsenal of tricks, well not really tricks but rather skills, skills that can only be learned through education and experience, which are then ready to be put to work. These characteristics will have you winning as a homeowner every time when employed by your Realtor. Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word “tricks” to describe a Realtor’s inherent characteristics to home selling as that, in itself, can present itself as being fraudulent or gimmicky however, these are anything but that. I describe a trick for my discussion here as being more like that of a magical skill as it isn’t always easy to find and not every Realtor is beholden of them. It’s more of a matter of great skillful action

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